Playful Creative Exploration

Program Description:

Playful creative exploration is an inquiry-based workshop providing avenues for individuals to have some fun while connecting with and honoring themselves–using art as a vehicle. In this context that means folks noticing how they feel, acknowledging their importance, releasing stress, and exploring possibility. There is no right or wrong here. This is a judgment free, supportive environment for you to enjoy and experiment.

In this five – week program we will be asking questions, playing, and discovering new perspectives through playful art making, group discussion, journaling, and sense-based experiences. This program provides time, opportunities for, and compassionate space for you to breathe and inquire into your own answers. You are the orchestrator!

This Program provides opportunities for…


Grown-ups need to play too! Scientific American insists that not only is play necessary for all ages, but it is a biological imperative. Dr. Stuart Brown – a pioneer in the research of play and its effects – explains that some of the benefits of play include lightheartedness, hope for the future, flexibility, adaptability, having new ideas, gaining courage to have ideas, and reaching a state from which we are better able to explore possibility. Plus, it’s fun! So, let’s smear paint, let go, and get our hands dirty!

Releasing stress

Many of us are aware that there has been a great deal of research conducted around the benefits of reducing stress. Studies have shown that Stress relief improves immune function, lowers the risk of cardiovascular and other health problems, and is important for a person’s sense of well-being.

Accessing Vitality

Let’s feel alive! Reconnect with your senses, try something different, and experience new perspectives. Stepping out of our everyday routine – even for a moment – can be a breath of fresh air. We will use our senses, talk about exploring possibility, and get out of our routine. We will also utilize exercises that help us to see with the right side of the brain– a practice that assists us in getting in touch with our feeling selves rather than our thinking selves. From this place we can view the world in a new way.

Discovering your power

There will only ever be one of you in all of time. That makes you priceless! No other human will ever have your exact same perspective. Even two siblings who grow up together and have similar life events will experience things differently. This means you have a unique perspective. Therefore, you are able to offer the world something that no one else is able to offer simply by being yourself. Contemplate your significance and inquire into how you are powerful.

Accessing Creativity

You are creative! Humans have innate creativity. As a species, we have been makers since the beginning of our evolution. Creativity is not just related to the arts. It’s connected to everything from putting an outfit together in the morning, to communicating with coworkers, to the way you console a child. Ruth Richards, a leader in creativity research, coined the term “Everyday creativity.” She says, “with our everyday creativity, we adapt flexibly, we improvise, we try different options…” And she explains that every day creativity is, “fundamental to our very survival.” Let’s inquire into how creativity is a part of our everyday lives. What is creativity? How do we access our creativity? How can it be our comrade?

 Suggested material for your view and practice at home will also be added to enhance your experience of the program.

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