Private Art Lessons

“…Michelle has gently and expertly coaxed our daughter out of her comfort zone to explore a range of drawing techniques including still life, figure, and perspective drawing. It’s been astounding to see how quickly she has gained some real proficiency using form, scale, and shading techniques. It’s opened up another world of rendering and expression for our daughter. It’s been delightful to see her enthusiasm and persistence in working to explore and perfect these techniques.  Michelle is also an accomplished visual artist, so in addition to being a great instructor, she has also been an inspiration for our daughter. Thank you Michelle!” –Debbie Glass (Visual Designer, Business Owner, and Mom)

I offer private art lessons for children and adults.

Please contact me for more information–I would be happy to chat and answer any questions you might have!  I am currently teaching remotely only.

Drawing reality:

In order to draw realistically, you must first learn to see in a different way. As we grow up, we learn to associate objects with symbols and participate in a kind of visual-labeling. If we are able to acknowledge this labeling and enable ourselves to see beyond it, we are better able to draw what we actually see–rather than what we think we are seeing. I can provide you with tools that will accommodate you in your ability to draw reality.

Do you want to play with paint, unleash your creative self, learn foundational visual art skills, or find some stress relief through art?

Humans are innately creative.  It is through our fear of judgement that we lose our creative confidence.  It is so important that we allow ourselves to play, imagine, experiment, and allow our intrinsic creative selves to shine through.  Visual art is a fantastic medium for creative expression, growth, healing and FUN for both adults and children.

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