”The creative space Michelle facilitated while working with youth at LYRIC was incredible. What left every young person inspired was the compassion and openness in the art workshop.” –Gustavo Bañuelos, Program Manager, LYRIC

I am a teaching artist and compassionate facilitator.  My passion lies in bringing opportunities for education, creative growth, and self-expression to the community–as well as creating space for people to contemplate and honor their experience.  My background includes working with a variety of populations including, but not limited to; professional women, children, LGBTQ youth, and adults who experience developmental disabilities. Earning my Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Inquiry, Interdisciplinary Arts at the California Institute of Integral Studies provided me time, space, and resources to delve deeply into my own truth, perspective, and process, both as an individual and as an artist–an experience that informs my work every day. Some elements of my work include; creating and teaching engaging visual art classes, curating exhibitions, and developing and facilitating workshops which assist individuals in accessing and embracing their innate creativity and personal empowerment.

I’m a bay area artist with New England roots. “Wicked” is a word often used by New Englanders instead of “very.” I wanted to bring a playful piece of my wicked native culture into my site, hence, “Wicked Painty.” The bay area is my favorite place on the planet and New England has a special spot in my heart. Both have had an impact on me as a human being and as an artist.

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